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Auszeichnung des Landes NÖ für Elisabeth Platzky - Tierheim Ternitz

Dear Mrs. Platzky! As director of the shelter Ternitz - ASPCA Schwarzatal They are always by their particularly constructive cooperation with the authorities in animal acceptance and high social skills in conflict with animal owners. With its large and especially ever-present commitment to represent the Bezirkshauptmannschaft Neunkirchen around the clock in animal welfare computing temporal affairs supportive available. Through your dedicated and unbureaucratic also act in cooperation with other areas you have made ​​a significant contribution to saving animal life. As Governor of Lower Austria, it therefore gives me great pleasure to express to you for your tireless and exemplary dedication thanks and appreciation. At the same time I give the hope that you will continue to put themselves at the service of a good cause. With best regards Ewin Pröll eh Governor